Alan Ashare Obituary, In Memoriam: Dr. Alan Ashare – A Pillar of Safety in Youth Hockey

Alan Ashare Obituary, Death – It is with heavy hearts that Massachusetts Hockey announces the passing of Dr. Alan Ashare, a distinguished member of our esteemed Board of Directors and a devoted volunteer.

Affectionately known as “Doc” Ashare, he leaves behind an indelible legacy in the hockey world, characterized by his unwavering commitment to promoting safety in youth hockey and ensuring the joy of the game for all participants.

With a professional background in nuclear medicine, Doc Ashare harnessed his expertise and fervor to advocate for the well-being of young hockey players. He dedicated himself to guiding and inspiring youth hockey leaders, coaches, and players to embrace the sport within a secure environment.

Among his many notable contributions, Doc Ashare spearheaded the creation of the “Head Up, Don’t Duck” program, an educational initiative that has now become a vital tool nationwide, enlightening players on the importance of neck and spine safety.

Throughout his illustrious career, Doc Ashare served as a longstanding member and co-chair of the Safety and Protective Equipment Committee (SPEC) with USA Hockey. His exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication earned him the esteemed status of Director Emeritus within the organization.

The impact of Doc Ashare’s tireless efforts in promoting safety and well-being in youth hockey will forever be felt and cherished. Massachusetts Hockey and the broader hockey community are immensely grateful for his invaluable contributions.

As we bid farewell to our esteemed colleague and friend, let us remember Dr. Alan Ashare as a guardian of safety and a true advocate for the spirit of the game. His profound impact and lasting legacy will continue to inspire generations of hockey enthusiasts.