Andrew Mayer Obituary, Bayside NY, Andrew Mayer Has Died

Andrew Mayer Obituary, Death – The unanticipated passing of Andrew Thomas Mayer, who was born on October 26, 2007, took place at his home. He went away on August 9, 2019. At Mainland Regional Hospital, Jennifer Haines and Jason Mayer, who were ecstatic to welcome their first child into the world, celebrated the arrival of their son with family and friends.

When Andrew was in the elementary school level, he attended a school that was known by the name Estell Manor. When he had some free time, some of his favorite activities to do included riding his bike, skateboarding, and playing video games with his pals. In addition to that, he and his father spent a lot of time together fishing and camping, which both of them found to be quite enjoyable activities.

He was a member of the West Atlantic County Youth League, which enabled him to take part in baseball activities with his fellow league members. The band Red Hot Chili Peppers, his collection of Vans sneakers, and animals in general, most specifically his pet rabbit Luna, were all things that he had a close connection to as topics of interest. Andrew was a bright young guy who had a broad interest in a variety of electronic and mechanical devices. He was always tinkering with something.

He wasn’t sure if he should become a mechanic or an engineer for a living. He was on the fence about it. In the eyes of his loved ones as well as the people he counted as friends, he was a kind and considerate young man. The infectious grin and hearty laugh that he had will always be a part of our thoughts and recollections of him, and we will never forget either one of them.

Andrew is survived by his devoted parents Jason and Laura Mayer (stepmom), Jennifer Haines and Chris Camp (stepfather); his devoted siblings Anna and Abigail Mayer, Emily, Jayla, Benjamin, and Melody Camp; and a large number of devoted members of his extended family, including great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, numerous wonderful cousins, and countless other friends.