Barbara Appleget Obituary, Sad Passing Of Barbara Appleget

Barbara Appleget Obituary, Death-We are in a state of tremendous mourning as a result of the demise of Barbara Appleget, a long-time and much-loved volunteer with the Young Professionals Network who was also one of the four original founders of our We Care Shop.

When it originally opened its doors in 1993, the We Care Shop was located in the basement of the Cedar Christian Church. After being in its previous location for a year, the business moved to a home owned by the church that was situated just next door. Because of the flood that took place in 2008, the house and all of the belongings that were inside of it were destroyed, which led to the closure of the shop. Funding for flood recovery, aid from volunteers and donations, and reopening the store in its new location at the Sister Mary Lawrence Community Center all contributed to the reopening of the store in 2009.

In addition, the headquarters of the Young Professionals Network are located within this building. A volunteer at the store up to the year 2019, Barb worked there for many years until she retired. She was completely dedicated to ensuring that the shop was a profitable venture. Before we had a washer and dryer on site, she would transport the donated baby clothes and blankets to her own house in order to launder them. A good number of years were spent engaging in this routine. In the year 2014, Terry Brandstad, who was serving as Governor of Iowa at the time, honored the organization’s four original founders by inducting them into the Iowa Volunteer Hall of Fame in appreciation of the significant contributions they had made to the organization. A plaque commemorating the event may be viewed by visitors to the State Historical Museum in Des Moines, which is found in the state of Iowa.

Barb has a warm and welcoming smile, and she is always prepared to provide a helping hand. She was a forward-thinking innovator whose contributions to both our business and the society at large were of immeasurable value. YPN will be thankful to her forever for all of the time, effort, and commitment that she has provided. Our sincerest condolences go out to her family as well as to anybody who had the honor of knowing and loving her during her short time on this earth.