Benny Holmes Obituary, A Member Of Mission Church VB Has Passed Away

Benny Holmes Obituary, Death-Bro. Benny Holmes, the much-loved chairman of our deacon board, died away unexpectedly yesterday evening. We want you to know that we are really saddened to share this news with you. The quick wit, love for people, and dedication to the church that Benny had will be dearly missed. In these times, we give thanks to God and find our peace in the glorious hope that is found in Jesus.

As Mrs. Carol and her family are going through this difficult time, we ask that you pray for them. In the next few days, we will be giving out further information to those who have requested it. I am grateful to the church. Benny was well-known for his quick wit, his love for people, and his commitment to the church. Benny placed a high value on each of these characteristics, and it showed in his life. Because he possessed all of these admirable traits, Benny will be lovingly remembered. During these trying times, we would like to show our appreciation to God and find peace in the immeasurable hope that is offered by Jesus. We fervently hope that you will cooperate with us in both of these endeavors and pray that you will.

Benny Holmes, who had been the chairman of our much-loved deacon board, passed suddenly unexpectedly yesterday evening, and those of us who are here today were stunned to discover the news. Benny Holmes had served as the chairman of our deacon board. We are sorry to be the ones to break the news to you, but we do not have any other choice. Please understand how sorry we are for any difficulty or discomfort this may cause.

Both of these projects would not be possible without your assistance, and we truly pray that you will be willing to work with us. Since Mrs. Carol and her family are going through a difficult time and we are going through it with them, we would like to ask you to pray for them and say some prayers for them as we are going through it with them. Please say some prayers for them as we are going through it with them.