Bob Fernley Obituary, Former Force India deputy Principal Has Died At 70

Bob Fernley Obituary, Death – During the time that Bob Fernley was involved with the Force India organization and was a member of the Force India squad, he served as the vice principal of the Force India team.

He held this position for the entirety of the period that he was a member of the Force India squad. As a result of getting the news that Dad passed away at the age of 70 due to an unidentified cause, everyone who works here at Autosport is in a state of extreme pain. Unanticipatedly, his life was cut short before its natural conclusion. His life was brutally cut short at a far earlier age than anyone could have predicted, and no one was there to witness it.

We would like his family and friends to know that they are in our thoughts and that we share their sorrow during this trying time. Please let them know that we are thinking of them. We are deeply saddened to learn of the demise of a member of your family’s close circle of friends. The news of the passing of a person who was very close to your family and a group of friends is quite upsetting to all of us. During this challenging time, we want you to know that your loved ones, including your friends and family, are in our thoughts and prayers.