Bradford Thomas Obituary, Life Member Of English Consul Has Passed Away

Bradford Thomas Obituary, Death – We regret to inform you of the demise of Bradford A. Thomas, a Life Member. The death of Brad occurred in a quiet, tranquil manner on June 23, 2023. In 1961, Brad joined English Consul as a junior member, and on August 13, 1966, he became an adult member.

Brad has served as President, Chief, and most recently, Candidate-At-Large. Brad has unshakable loyalty to the department and our EMS Unit. On Saturdays, he rode 375 and helped out wherever he was needed. In 1970, English Consul acquired a Miller Meteor Suburban Ambulance, their first ambulance. Brad answered the first call made on the unit the day it went into operation in front of Baltimore Highlands Elementary School, and he hasn’t been off the bike since.

For the past few years, he has been the EMS system’s top responder. He also enjoyed working in suppression, or fighting fires, by operating the engine and putting out blazes. Prior to retiring from the Howard County Police Department, Brad served as a Load Master in the United States Air Force. He had a deep appreciation for his friends and family in the fire service. He cherished every opportunity he had to be with his granddaughter, whom he called Lillypad.

He was very fond of canines and often bragged about his own pets and displayed images of them. Keep Brad’s family in your prayers and respect their need for space and time to mourn. When one of our teams goes out to help someone in need, or when one of our EMTs or Paramedics is dispatched to treat someone who is ill or injured, Brad will always be in our thoughts. Brad will be watching down on us from on high to make sure everything is functioning smoothly in 375 and the department as a whole. So many people will miss him dearly.