Calixto Amaya Lopez Suicide, Man, 43, Found Dead On 110 Freeway In South LA

Calixto Amaya Lopez Suicide – The police have verified that the dead body of a male that was located on the 110 highway in South Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon is that of the individual who has been identified. The discovery of the body took place in the southbound lanes of the highway. According to the conclusions reached by the office of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, Calixto Amaya Lopez, 43, passed away as a result of injuries he received as a result of a violent incident.

These conclusions were reached based on the findings of the investigation. In light of the conclusions of the office of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, it would appear that. After conducting the necessary study, the officers arrived at these conclusions. It has not been determined whether or not he died as a consequence of an accident, or whether or not he intentionally took his own life. It is possible that he did both.

Neither of these two hypotheses can currently be discounted as a viable option. At 3:30 in the afternoon, the body of Lopez was found, and a medical examiner came to the conclusion that he had died at the scene of the crime he had committed. Lopez’s body was discovered. 2UrbanGirls has made the decision not to upload any of the photos or videos of his untimely demise that have been shared across a variety of social media platforms. These images and videos have been widely circulated by his family and friends. Since he passed away, these pictures and videos have been making the rounds on the internet.