Cathi Maynard Accident, Tennessee Resident Cathi Maynard Has Passed Away

Cathi Maynard Obituary, Death – Cathi Maynard was undeniably a fighter in every sense of the word. She fearlessly stood up for what she believed was right, tirelessly working to rectify injustices and alleviate the suffering of those she cared about. She dedicated herself to serving her nation, found love in Joe’s arms, and cherished their vibrant community in Clarksville, where they built their home. We will forever be grateful that Cathi extended her commitment to the community by including Austin Peay in her endeavors.

Today, Cathi completed her journey, departing this world peacefully with her loved ones by her side. We are incredibly fortunate that Austin Peay became a passion project for Joe and Cathi, as they wholeheartedly devoted themselves to various causes. Their unwavering dedication manifested through their investment of time, money, and resources in our student-athletes, providing them with invaluable learning experiences that prepared them for life beyond Austin Peay. The Maynards’ boundless generosity of spirit has had a profound impact on hundreds of student-athletes, both in significant and subtle ways.

Quantifying the Maynard family’s contribution to Austin Peay is challenging, and to be honest, it is difficult to fully grasp its magnitude. Their generosity extended to nearly every corner of the Maynard Family Athletic Complex, bolstering support for our athletic programs. They established a nutrition center to nourish our student-athletes, made substantial enhancements to the baseball and softball facilities, and made a game-changing $15 million pledge in 2022—the largest single gift in the university’s history.

This extraordinary contribution benefits numerous programs that empower our student-athletes to succeed in life after sports, as Cathi firmly believed in equipping them for success as parents, spouses, community leaders, and passionate advocates for causes they hold dear as Austin Peay alumni. Cathi’s vision extended beyond their achievements on the field; she wanted our young individuals to thrive beyond their athletic careers.

Cathi possessed a profound passion for many programs offered by Austin Peay. Her dedication to several of our women’s sports programs was unwavering, and she consistently pursued the best for them—top-notch training facilities, optimal living arrangements, and an unparalleled experience representing Austin Peay. She was vigilant in identifying and addressing any unmet needs. Her actions were driven not by self-indulgence, but by a genuine belief in using her influence to advocate for others.

Cathi Maynard wholeheartedly embraced her role in supporting the Governor’s athletic program. Her uniqueness stemmed from her unwavering commitment. Whether through donations, purchasing season tickets, or simply being present, she and Joe changed the trajectory of Austin Peay and the lives of countless individuals. They did so while fervently cheering from the front row, propelled by Cathi’s resolute conviction to stand up for what was right.

Cathi led a life of bravery, empowered by her strength and unwavering courage. She never yielded in the face of adversity and embraced every opportunity that came her way, living her life fully, boldly, and on her own terms. Getting to know her meant being inspired, absorbing her beauty, and embracing every encounter.

Today, we honor Cathi’s indomitable spirit, unwavering courage, and boundless kindness. We mourn her passing and extend our deepest sympathies to Joe, their children, grandchildren, and the countless residents of Clarksville whose lives she touched with her infectious positivity. We vow to uphold Cathi Maynard’s remarkable legacy, for she undeniably enhanced the fabric of Austin Peay.