Christine Cummings Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Christine Cummings

Christine Cummings Obituary, Death – Local ceramic artist Christine Cummings, who gained recognition for her work throughout the Pacific Northwest, has been showered with accolades and honors in recent days. Christine, who passed away not too long ago at the young age of just 54, was known for working out of an idyllic studio off of the verdant Chapel Lane in Holmeswood near Rufford.

Her Facebook page is being inundated with heartfelt messages of condolence for the gifted sculptor who passed away amidst the beauty of nature; her animal sculptures have found new homes far beyond west Lancashire. She spent her entire life as an artist, sculpting ceramics and receiving awards for her work. As a result of her tireless effort, several of her works are displayed in the most renowned galleries in the United Kingdom.

The animals she sculpted each have their own eccentric personality and charm, and her innate ability to create such life-like creatures from clay made them one-of-a-kind and indisputably Christine’s! Her ceramic work was easily identifiable due to her very own distinctive technique of Raku firing. She always remembers gaining inspiration from her pet pig Jezabelle when she was doing her early work, which centered on her thorough study of pigs, capturing the personality and beauty of these animals.

Since that time, her collection has expanded to include a wide variety of animals, some of which are foxes, goats, hens, hares, geese, and many others. Her art was only able to achieve such a level of detail as a result of her constant dedication to research and observation. She researched the anatomy and physiology of each fantastic species so that she could create her own version of a gorgeous adaptation. Her singular approach to fashion was admired by thousands of people, and her work was sold all over the world.