Cody Strickland Obituary, Michigan, Cody Strickland Has Died

Cody Strickland Obituary, Death –Cody Scott Strickland was called home by the Lord on June 26th, 2023. Cody, who was born on October 30, 1994, was 28 years old. Cody was a cancer fighter who gave the sickness his all in his battle against it. He was also a devoted son, brother, spouse, and friend, among other things. His grandfather John Strickland and his pets Cain and Rosie Strickland predeceased him.

He is survived by his wife Marilyn Strickland, his children Dylan Chandler, Josh Nailor, Jake Charron, Hunter Hanson, and Cody Allen; his parents Michelle Begin (Rob Lepper) and Scott Strickland (Heidi Strickland); sister Lilly Beck (Kristopher Beck); brother Tyler; step-sisters Samantha Waterbury and Amander Kinser; grandmother Pam Lutke; and two dogs, Rocco, and Copper Strickland. For many individuals, Cody was many different things. His personality cannot be encapsulated in a single sentence. He worked diligently. After work, he would go home and invent additional work for himself, and when the project grew too big for him to handle alone, he would enlist people to assist him. He was working on numerous projects, including fixing up his automobiles, building a pond, remodeling the house, and everything in between. There aren’t enough hours in the day, he would frequently say.

Cody was an extremely gregarious and daring person. He enjoyed traveling, especially to locations where he could play golf and view the beach, on his rzr, his bike, and other vehicles. Cody took up golf at a young age. Every year, he traveled to play golf with his father. He always looked forward to going on that particular trip. He was such a fan of the game that he once declared he would retire and live on a golf course if he could afford it. His mother first exposed him to the sea. Every year, he liked taking the family on vacations to the ocean where he could fish to his heart’s content and try to catch Moby-Dick, alligators, sharks, and anything else that came his way.

Cody had a sharp mind and was clever. He had so many ideas for quick fixes that made things work. You can ask his coworkers how many times they followed instructions to do things one way, but it wouldn’t work, but he would figure out a way to make it work right away. Cody was a highly witty and snarky individual. He frequently laughed harder than everyone else at his own jokes. He thought himself to be the funniest person ever. “Babe, what would you do if you hadn’t married a funny man,” he would ask his wife. Even if his jokes on certain days were pretty grim, he made an effort to chuckle during his battle with cancer. He refused to let the disease define him and extinguish the lust for life in his eyes.

Cody was a huge fan of life. He accomplished almost everything that he wanted to. In his view, there was always a way if there was a will. He did things even though they weren’t always safe or advised. He frequently did so with his selected brothers and several pals while living life on the edge. Cody was raised alongside his younger sister Lilly. They would get into problems when he would slip her out of her cot. His sister was his “partner in crime,” he said. They created so many memories together. He encouraged her to set objectives and pursue them while being very protective of her.

He cherished the small clan he had built up with his wife and furry children. Together, they made their dream home a reality, traveled, and created countless memories. His devotion to his friends and family was unwavering. There is a lot more to be said and there will be much more to say. Cody had a lasting impression on many of us, and he would want to be remembered via memory sharing and lots of laughter. Keep calling him by name. And keep enjoying life. Live your life to the utmost for him.