Craig Bruce Obituary, Murder Suspect Arrested For Shooting Lakewood Road Soliciter

Craig Bruce Obituary, Death – Authorities in Lakewood, Colorado, have taken into custody a suspect wanted in connection with the shooting death of a homeless man on Tuesday. The suspect is being held on suspicion of shooting and killing the victim.

Randy Jiron, who was born in Aurora and is now 40 years old, is still being held in the Jefferson County Jail on the suspicion that he committed first-degree murder. The basis for this suspicion is the fact that Jiron was arrested. Because of these allegations, Jiron is being held in custody at the present time.

Tuesday evening about 7:30, officers from the Lakewood Police Department responded to reports of shots fired near the northbound off-ramp located at 6th and Simms. They found no evidence of a gunshot. When the police arrived, they discovered a wounded adult male victim who was suffering from the aftereffects of a gunshot wound. The victim had been shot, as evidenced by his wounds. He was sent to the hospital due to the gravity of the situation; nevertheless, he was unable to make a full recovery and tragically passed away while he was there.

The deceased has been identified as a guy by the name of Craig Bruce, who was 52 years old at the time of his passing. Bruce was reportedly standing by the side of the road begging for money when a car approached him from behind and began firing rounds at him. Witnesses who were present at the scene of the crime confirmed this information.

In the end, the police were able to follow the suspect, whose name turned out to be Jiron, all the way to a residence in Strasburg. Teams from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and the Lakewood Police Department responded to the scene of the event after being dispatched there respectively. Jiron did, in point of fact, report himself to the authorities, and he was taken into custody not long after he did so.