Critter Sullivan Obituary, Beloved Critter Sullivan’s Surprising Death Leaves Family Heart Broken

Critter Sullivan Obituary, Death – With heavy hearts, we announce the sudden and unexpected passing of our beloved family member, Critter Sullivan. Today, we grieve the loss of a cherished brother, husband, uncle, nephew, and cousin.

Critter peacefully departed this world in his sleep, the victim of an apparent heart attack. We find solace in the knowledge that he did not suffer. His final day was spent in contentment, sitting by his pool in Tempe, Arizona, accompanied by his faithful dog, savoring a cold beer while witnessing the vibrant hues of the Arizona sky as the sun bid farewell. As he bid goodnight to his loving wife, little did we know that it would be his last.

Critter’s life was filled with joy, and his legacy is one of happiness and fulfillment. We, the Nesh, Rebecca, Damian, Connor, Audrey, Sullivan, Barthold, Solomon, and Swithers families, mourn the loss of this exceptional individual.

As we gather to honor and remember Critter, let us find solace in the memories we shared and the love he bestowed upon us. Funeral arrangements will be communicated in due course. May his soul rest in eternal peace.