Damon Mauk Car Accident Mansfield Ohio, In Loving memory of Damon Mauk

Damon Mauk Obituary, Death – Every single one of us is inconsolable! What an outstanding young man. To all of those who cared for and loved him, many hugs, kisses, and prayers. Recently, I ran into him in the dollar shop, and he made a point of stopping to pet my dog. In addition to being a wonderful and kind young man, he was also a diligent worker (he was part of the group that worked for my brother-in-law). What a terrible disaster.

Keep Flying High, My Guy… I was honored to be entrusted with the task of trimming your hair. Four years, my good man! I remember our most recent talk as if it had taken place only yesterday…. This is causing me a lot of pain. Every one of the hilarious stories you told me and the good times we had together laughing. That broad, brilliant smile is going to be hard for me to forget.

Damon, you truly are great in every way.You are much more than just a customer of mine. You are the younger brother of mine! You will always be my sibling closest in age to me. I’m at a loss for words, man! I just don’t know what else to say! This just seems like a bad dream. The entire Mauk family is in our thoughts and prayers. I in no way intend to invade your personal space in any way. Damon was just so important to me, and I’m sorry I let him go.