Dennis Yarmouth High School Lockdown, After student displays toy gun, Dennis-Yarmough high school locks down

Dennis Yarmouth High School Lockdown – The Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School was placed in lockdown mode on Friday morning after the police reported that a pupil displayed what they thought was a gun but was subsequently determined to be a fake toy pistol.

The authorities stated in a news release that the “gel blaster” that was initially thought to be a pistol turned out to be a toy and that there was never any danger to the general public. On Friday morning, officers were dispatched in large numbers to the school after receiving information that a kid was armed and present in the cafeteria as the school day began. There were a number of police cars that headed to the school. While the procedures for going into lockdown were being established at the school, officers searched the building.

According to the announcement, school resource officers were able to locate the student and take them into custody within a matter of minutes. The fact that the pistol was only a toy and that the pupil had been shooting gel at other students was discovered by the police quite quickly. The toy is shown to be painted with blue and white lettering and images in the accompanying photograph that was released by the Yarmouth police department with news release. It has a red tip, a black scope, and light attachments to indicate that it is not a genuine gun. Additionally, the sight is black.

According to the announcement, the lockdown was terminated after the investigation was completed. An official with the Yarmouth Police Department stated that an in-depth investigation into the incident is currently being conducted by both the police and the school officials. There was no further information that was made public.