Donald Deck Obituary, Resident of Fort Madison, IA, Has Sadly Passed Away

Donald Deck Obituary, Death – On Monday, June 26, 2023, after a long and arduous battle against cancer, Donald Wayne Deck passed away. That was the day that he passed away. When he ultimately decided to leave the organization, he did so with 86 years of expertise under his belt. The Kensington, which was located at Fort Madison and was his residence at the time of his passing, was named for him. He had been a resident of that location for some time. Away from this world, he was there with him as he passed away.

It had been quite some time since he had been to that location most recently. Deck spent his formative years in the area of Fort Madison, which can be found entirely inside the boundaries of the state of Iowa. His birthday is August 17th, 1936, and the city of Keokuk, which is located in the state of Iowa, is where he was born. His birth date is August 17th. The seventeenth of August was also his birthday. His birthday is on the seventeenth of August this year. This year, on the seventeenth of August, we will be celebrating his birthday.

In addition, he celebrated his birthday on the seventeenth of August, which was also the day he was born. His mother and father, along with all of his other siblings (five brothers and two sisters), had all passed away before he was ever born into existence. He was the only survivor of his immediate family. He was the only child of this family to have made it out alive. He was the sole child of his parents and had no brothers or sisters. It was never going to be possible for him to have a face-to-face dialogue with any of those people.

He was an only child, thus he did not have any brothers or sisters to share his life with. In 1955, he completed his high school education at Keokuk High School, which he had previously attended, and he was presented with the certificate that was commensurate with the degree of achievement he had attained. After having successfully finished all of the qualifications for his academic programme in the year 1960, he was presented with his high school diploma as recognition of his accomplishments.