Donna Stone Obituary, Member of Fatty Lumpkins Sandwich Shack Has Sadly Died

Donna Stone Obituary, Death – It is with deep sadness and regret that we inform you that our Donna has passed on. She passed very suddenly but peacefully. Please send prayers, healing vibes and good juju to her family and friends during this difficult time. Especially to Stephanie. Anyone who knows Donna, knows Steph and how much she meant to her. How much they meant to each other. We you Stephanie! Donna was the mother hen at Fatty Lumpkins. She made sure everyone was taken care of but she also let you know when you weren’t doing your part

You better had put stuff away when you were done with it, too. You’d expect to catch some flack from her if you tore open a bag of lettuce or coleslaw incorrectly and don’t even try to mess up her clean cooler. Even if you owned the place, Donna didn’t let you get away with anything. But we loved that about her. She kept us all in check and for some of us, we needed it! Donna was also the resident taste-tester. She had to sample everything to “make sure it was safe for the customers”! And she LOVED our food.

Her favorites were pizza soup, our famous tuna salad, and we could never forget her staple BLT with her daughter, Stephanie’s special touch. We will be happy to make you one anytime, just ask. She was also a jokester, so funny, so sarcastic and the life of the party. And her customer service was second to none! She’d go above and beyond to make sure each customer had what they needed plus more. If you liked a certain seat, she’d make sure it was clean and ready when you walked in. She remembered your drink order and would have it ready when it was your turn in line. And she always had your back.

Even if the customer was wrong, they were right in her eyes. She loved when first-timers would come in and would love to relay the message when everyone “loved everything”. She ALWAYS said “we really do have the BEST customers!”. And she wasn’t wrong. We will miss you more than you’ll ever know, Donna Stone! Until we meet again! Rest easy.  We’d love to read stories or caring comments you have to share about Donna below.