Donnie Critchfield Obituary, Newton Township Fire Department Member Has Died

Donnie Critchfield Obituary, Death – Donnie “sonny” Critchfield, a member of our very own community, was picked out and rewarded for his accomplishments earlier today. The news that Donnie had passed away on June 3, 2023, left everyone with a profound sense of loss. Since 1985, he had been a valuable member of our department, and we had acknowledged and appreciated his contributions.

Those who had a close relationship with Donnie are aware that he held a tremendous respect for the firefighters who risked their lives to protect his neighborhood. He would come by seven days a week, and on some days, he would come by multiple times during the same day. On other days, he would come by only once. It was Donnie’s responsibility to keep an eye on the fire station and make sure that everything was in order while the other firefighters were away.

Donnie was assigned the role of housekeeping for the station. Donnie was honored with a gift in recognition of the many years of devoted service he has provided to the company. The award that Donnie got served as a gesture of appreciation. It has been great having him here with us, and we are going to miss that. Rest easy Donnie. This location offers a very relaxing vantage point from which to see everything.