Eileen Baxter Obituary, Resident Of Main Street, Hillsborough Has Died

Eileen Baxter Obituary, Death-Mrs. Eileen Baxter, who lived at number 19 Main Street in Hillsborough, has been reported as having gone away recently. This information has been brought to our knowledge. When she was a teenager, Eileen moved to Hillsborough to take a job as a live-in nanny for the Johnston family.

She is now revered as a legendary character in the town. When we moved out, the Johnstons came in, and Eileen worked for the Johnstons until she got married and moved into the house across the street at 19 Main Street. At that time, our home was occupied by the Johnstons. She went on to care for many, many children for local working mothers and was usually spotted up and down Main Street with tiny hands in tow. She went on to care for children after she had already cared for them. She afterwards became a babysitter for the children of other neighborhood mothers who were employed.

A younger version of Eileen can be seen in an old photograph of the building that is now located at 4-10 Main Street. We found it pretty fascinating to listen to her memories of growing up in the Johnston family, and she was gracious enough to introduce us to his daughter Jean, who was one of the tiny children she watched after. We found it quite entertaining to listen to her experiences of growing up in the Johnston family. Eileen was blessed with four wonderful children of her own, who contributed greatly to the joy and fulfillment that she had throughout her life. In addition to this, she suffered from melancholy due to the fact that she had previously lost both her son Ian and her husband William. Her loss of husband William occurred more recently.

When I came by the Johnston house not too long ago to say hello, another one of her patients named Valerie was there celebrating her 90th birthday. She had been one of her patients for many years. That actually puts a lot of things into perspective, particularly in relation to her ripe old age! When I was a little child, I first met Eileen at the Hillsborough Presbyterian Church, which was where she attended services. Eileen was a member of that church. We were so close to calling Arthur that we almost dialed the number of Mrs. Baxter’s Boarding House instead! Because she played such an important role in the community, there is no question that her absence will be felt; our condolences go out to the members of her family.
On Tuesday at one o’clock in the afternoon, her funeral will take place in the Presbyterian Church.