Elijah Verdugo Obituary Upper Sandusky Ohio, In Loving memory of Elijah Verdugo

Elijah Verdugo Obituary, Death – Dear, Elijah Marley Verdugo No matter how hard I try to wrap my head around it, this still doesn’t seem real to me. I have no idea where to even begin. You were the very first person I ever loved, and you were also my closest friend. Despite the fact that we dated for four years, I’ve known you for eight or nine years. You were a defender and a champion for the people you cared about most in the world.

Despite the fact that you presented yourself as tough, those who were closest to you understood that you had a soft spot in your heart for your immediate family and friends. Even while I was trying to have hatred for you, I loved you with all of my heart. I still love you, and I always will. You were so ridiculous and had the ability to make someone laugh even when they didn’t feel like it.

You were the type of person who was very set in his ways and would never budge an inch from what he believed in no matter what. I am going to treasure each and every positive memory that the two of us have created together. You were a wonderful person and friend, and that is despite the fact that we were no longer compatible as a pair. You were an ambitious man who put in a lot of effort, as seen by the fact that in addition to having a regular job, you also launched your own company.

Ensure that you are still setting aside time for yourself. Whether you were out having fun with your buddies, riding bulls, or just relaxing at home, it doesn’t matter where you were. There is a great deal more that I wish to convey, but I am at a loss for the appropriate words. You are not going to be forgotten, of that I am absolutely certain. RIP