Emma Brown Obituary, Poolville TX Shooting, National Rifle Association Poster Child Has Died

Emma Brown Obituary, Death – Emma Brown, then 12 years old and a poster child for the NRA, shot and killed her older brother Daniel Brown on September 20 at their home in Poolville, Texas. Her father had given her a firearm to protect herself with. He was able to pull through, but she went out and purchased more weapons, and then one day later, she shot herself in the head.

How does it work out for this family that they have firearms stashed away in every available space? People who believe an all-powerful deity with limitless strength can protect them merely by uttering a basic prayer for it amuse me since I find it very humorous that such people exist in this world. I find it fascinating that these people believe this. However, in order for them to experience a sense of safety, they need access to as many firearms of the greatest calibre as they possibly can. In the meantime, events of this nature continue to take place, and God does nothing more than watch from afar.

The terrible and terribly unsettling phenomenon that sees weaponry and the idea of god becoming synonymous is one that has come about in recent years. It is now more important to have the right to keep and bear arms than it is to have the right to one’s own life.