Ervin LeCoque Obituary, Member And Chief Executive Officer And Chairman Of The Board When Aptar Has Died

Ervin LeCoque Obituary Death – We are writing to express our sorrow in informing you of the passing of Mr. Ervin “Erv” J. LeCoque. It is with a very heavy heart that we must proceed in this manner. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this challenging time. You are always in our thoughts, and we never stop praying for you. Kindly be aware of that.

When Aptar made its very first offering of shares to the general public, Mr. LeCoque was serving simultaneously as the company’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. During this time, Aptar was working on making its existence known to the general public. During this time period, Aptar was making preparations to become a publicly traded business and was in the process of going through the process of going public in order to accomplish this goal.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to break the news to you that this will be the path that we will continue to travel as we move forward in time. It is the path that we will continue to travel because it is the one that has been chosen for us. Because it is the way that we have been directed to take, we will not deviate from it because it is the one that has been decided upon for us. We will move on in this manner given that we have judged it to be the option that offers the greatest number of benefits.