Evan Chmura Obituary, Cleveland, Ohio Resident Has Died

Evan Chmura Obituary, Death – Evan Chmura, a beloved resident of Cleveland, Ohio has passed away unexpectedly. I’d want to remind out that Evan being remembered as “Hannah Williamsons ex boyfriend” is an unjustified claim. Evan was many things, and I believe that his presence left a much deeper imprint than living in the shadow of another person. Seeing this title again and over feels cheap. I realize she has a fan base, which is admirable… but living in her shadow was not his destiny.

Evan was an unusual person. Someone who genuinely believed he was doing the Lord’s work… and at times I feel he was tempted by influences that swayed him to an extreme… an extreme that appeared to be Jesus but was actually a position of servitude to him. Prison. Something that I regard as a religious spirit or religion in general. It hurt me to see him go down this road, but before things got out of hand, I saw this man put his name and friendships on the line to bring out the kingdom… to speak out prophecy. I saw Jesus lay hands on the sick and see how a powerful God influenced them. I had the pleasure of observing him instill in my son a love of wiener dogs.

We ate together, prayed together, and spent time with our relatives and friends. We journeyed to other places to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I witnessed him cry real tears for so many people. I learnt about the delicate things he felt the Lord calling him to… that, sadly, would not be realized in the way he pictured them to be, which saddens me greatly. Evan was an oddball, but he was a good man at heart who deserves to be remembered. If we want to remember Evan as Jesus saw him, we should refer to him as “God’s Champion.” This is the name he would tell me Jesus had given him, and it made him so proud to be known by the Lord as such.