George Hodson Obituary, George Hodson Has Saddly Passed Away

George Hodson Obituary, Death- It was brought to our notice by @KashishMIQFF that the devastating news of the passing of #GeorgeHodson, a cast member who appeared in the film Legendary Children (All of them Queer), caused us to feel an overwhelming sense of loss. George Hodson was a cast member who starred in the film Legendary Children (All of them Queer).

George Hodson was a member of the cast who made an appearance in the movie. George Hodson had not only a supporting but also a leading part in the film “All of them Queer,” in which he featured as a cast member. George Hodson was a part of the movie “All of them Queer,” in which he also had a role. Hodson was a member of the cast of the movie. #In addition to being a part of the ensemble cast of the movie Legendary Children (All of them Queer), George Hodson also had a significant part to play in the plot of that picture.

The news has left us with a feeling that is equal parts full desolation and a sense that we have no control over the situation. This sensation has been left with us as a result of the news. He was an inspirational long-term HIV/AIDS survivor when he starred in the movie and when he marched in the UK Pride 50 march the year before last. He had endured the ordeal for a very long period and emerged victorious. In addition to that, he was the lead role in the film that was being discussed.

We wish for you, George Hodson, that the life that lies ahead of you is one that is rich in both joy and fulfillment, and we hope and pray that this will be the case. To let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers at this time, please accept our sincere condolences.