George Maloney Obituary, George Maloney Has Died At 54

George Maloney Obituary, Death – Our Siena Saints Family is in a state of extreme loss due to the passing of George Maloney ’54, who was a well-respected donor, a Siena College Trustee Emeritus, and an alumnus of the men’s golf team at Siena.

George Maloney was also an alumnus of the Siena College golf program. In addition, George Maloney holds the position of Trustee Emeritus at Siena College, where he attended in the past. In addition to this, George Maloney completed and graduated from the golf program at Siena College while he was a student there. In addition, George Maloney was a member of the Siena College Saints golf team while he was a student at Siena College. He also competed in golf for the Siena College men’s team.

The George ’54 and Sally Maloney Sports Medicine Suite was able to be erected because to his generous donations, and the George ’54 and Sally Maloney Sports Challenge made it possible for endowments to be established for our athletics departments. Without him, neither of these achievements would have been conceivable as a possibility. The combination of these two separate contests has resulted in the creation of a new event that will be known as the Maloney Athletic Challenge. If he hadn’t been so generous with his help and support, none of these accomplishments would have been within reach to be achieved in the first place.