Greg Gaffney Obituary, Delaware State Police Officer Has Died Unexpectedly

Greg Gaffney Obituary, Death – Greg Gaffney has passed away. His kids, Rory and Michael, who live in Calgary, his sister Dawn (Marshall) Cliff, who lives in High River, and his brothers Grant (Stephanie), Andrew (Jessica), and Matthew, who all live in Calgary, survive him. They will all be left to grieve his death. He is survived by further family in addition to his real mother, Elaine Rath, and a number of nieces and nephews.

There will be no funeral service for Gregg as per his desires. The Heritage is a great spot to get together with family and friends. Despite knowing he was nearing the end of his life, Gaffney refused to speak to the police or a magistrate who visited him at St. Vincent’s Hospital. There has been a significant deal of turmoil in Sydney’s criminal underbelly in recent months, with warring gangs engaging in shooting and other acts of violence.

The feuds are supposed to have begun over the principal sources of revenue for the criminal underground, which are the selling of illicit alcohol and drugs, as well as disorderly residences. Criminals have ended their confrontations with the use of a pistol, a boot, and a bludgeon, and in each case, police investigations have been impeded by a fog of silence. The same level of quiet is being maintained in relation to the most recent shooting incident.

Several key players in the Wednesday night incident were present at the Central Police Court on Monday, when a fight broke out between a group of ladies in the midst of a circle formed by a large number of males and expensively dressed young women. They were screaming and biting each other as they rolled around on the ground. It was a shocking sight to behold.