Hiker Dies Multnomah Falls, Beaverton Father Of Five Dies After Multnomah Falls Trail Fall

Hiker Dies Multnomah Falls, According to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, a Beaverton man who was a father to five was hiking on the Multnomah Falls route when he suffered a fall that resulted in his death on Saturday afternoon.

A little before two o’clock in the afternoon, rescue personnel were dispatched to a trail that was about a half mile away from the Benson Bridge. The man is alleged to have fallen approximately 150 feet after slipping off the trail at a switchback, according to Deputy John Plock of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. “It’s pretty steep on the edge,” added Plock, “and that’s where he fell.” Plock stated that the father has five children ranging in age from elementary school to high school who were also present at the falls when the incident occurred.

Plock described the situation as follows: “Mom, dad, and five kids all here enjoying a beautiful day at Multnomah Falls and unfortunately, a tragic accident happened,” he said. “At a certain point along the path, the father lost his footing and tumbled down an embankment.” According to Plock, the family wasn’t all there at the time, thus it’s now unknown what led the man to fall. When the searchers were initially unsuccessful in locating the individual, they decided to use a drone to assist in their efforts. Plock stated that even from above, it was impossible for them to make out anything. Our deputies who were working on the ground were successful in finding him.

The searchers spread out along the trail and the roads, and approximately forty-five minutes later, the ones who had been searching along the road were successful in locating the missing person. At the scene, he was deemed to be deceased. There was a report of someone going off the trail at Multnomah Fall, which prompted Corbett Fire and MCSO SARS to respond to the scene. Sadly, the hiker who fell has passed away as a result of the injuries sustained in the incident.