J. D. Cantrell Obituary, J. D. Cantrell Has Passed Away

J. D. Cantrell Obituary, Death – The passing of my father, J. D. Cantrell, occurred not too long ago. When a neighbor went to check on him, they discovered that he was unconscious and passed out in his home. At this time, there is no further information available.

It’s probably safe to assume that everything we do together will be private and off the record. It would be very kind of you to make a donation to the Midlands Humane Society or another charity serving a similar purpose in your community if you would like to do something to honor his memory. The connection that he had with his animals was always something that he placed a high level of importance on, and there are a great number of living things that are still in need of aid.

I have no doubt that he would have thought highly of it. In addition, if you are seeking for some animal companionship, more especially a cat and a dog, please let me know in a message that you send to me in a private conversation if you are interested. I don’t know much about them other the fact that I’ve heard they’re nice creatures. Aside from that, I don’t know anything else about them.