Jacqueline Howard Obituary, Jacqueline Howard Has Died At 58

Jacqueline Howard Obituary, Death – At the age of 58, Jacqueline Howard, who was originally from Texarkana, Texas, passed away on June 28, 2023. It is with a heavy heart that we have to break the news to you that she has passed away.

The sad news of the demise of Jacqueline Howard has left us with heavy hearts, and we wish to express our condolences to you at this time. On the memorial website that has been created in Jacqueline Howard’s name, please take a few moments to share your condolences with her family by posting a message on the online guestbook. This will be an appropriate farewell for the family to receive.

She is survived by her husband, Nicole; her children, Sa’maria Ruby Ann and Evelyn Marie Sledge; her powerful infant sons, Shawn Howard and Paul Dustin Rains; as well as, Laken, Chelsea Rains, Bailey Robinson, and Paul Dustin Rains Jr. She is also survived by her powerful infant sons, Shawn Howard and Paul Dustin Rains Jr. In addition to that, Paul Dustin Rains Jr. is a descendant of hers. In addition, she will be remembered by her grandkids after she has passed away. After she passes away, her offspring will continue living their lives in the same manner.