James Koerts Obituary, Macon Georgia, Mikado Baptist Church Member, Has Died

James Koerts Obituary, Death- In Macon, Georgia’s Mikado Baptist Church, James Koerts leads the congregation in worship and oversees the music ministry. James has a deep-seated love for his local church, which he developed through his years of service in various church ministries beginning at a young age.

Through his piano skills and the worship of the congregation, he takes great satisfaction in leading other people in the worship of God. James is a composer, orchestrator, and arranger specializing in church music. His works include pieces that are performed by choirs, orchestras, and solo piano. As a church pianist, choir director, and administrator of the music ministry, he is able to relate to the diverse needs of choirs, instrumental ensembles, and soloists. This is because he serves “in the trenches” in each of these roles.

Michael, Katelyn, Daniel, and Jacob are James and Beth’s children, and the whole family lives in the area around Macon. They spend quality time together by going on family outings, watching movies in the living room, and playing board games. They are very involved in the activities of their church. James Koerts, a good friend of mine, is now in heaven. I’m completely and utterly heartbroken. He was tremendously pleased to be around, generous to a fault, entertaining to spend time with, and gifted beyond measure. When I was with him a little over a month ago, we became fast friends and joked like brothers. The fact that we would be working on creative projects together was really exciting to us.

But for the most part, there was a lot of chatting and laughter. I will pray for him and his family. I can’t even begin to fathom what they must be going through right now. I’m just so, so sad. Needing grace. We are keeping Beth ‘Riley’ Koerts, the children, and all of his family and friends in our prayers. Even now, I find it impossible to believe the news. James attended the wedding and was Rick’s roommate in Florida; he also attended our wedding. I simply cannot fathom what they must be going through at this very moment. And I simply cannot fathom what he must be going through at this very moment.

Unquestionably a wake-up call about how fleeting life can be. I am praying that Beth, the kids, and the rest of the family may be able to recognize and experience the presence, strength, and consolation of God. It has really blown my mind to read this! James was a wonderful, gifted musician who was a good friend of mine. My album, Joy Overflowing, features a rendition of the song “Little Flowers” that he arranged. In addition, I served as a special musician for his church back in Jacksonville, where he was serving as the music director. I will be lifting up Beth and his children in prayer.