Jane Malley Obituary, Ireland Resident Has Passed Away

Jane Malley Obituary, Death – It was because of her marriage to the painter Tony O’Malley that Jane O’Malley (née Harris) ultimately decided to make Ireland her permanent home. They first crossed paths in the Cornwall art community of St. Ives in the year 1970. He had been in St. Ives for the past ten years, while she had just moved there to attend the St. Ives School of Painting.

The fourth and final kid, she joined the world in Montreal. Grace Kinlock and Jordan Harris, her parents, were both British and of Scottish ancestry. She wanted to go into the arts but spent a year at a Montreal university and despised it. She and her brother Chris, who was equally restless and curious, set off on an adventure that took them to Scandinavia, a property they shared in Sydney, Japan, and Russia.

While returning home, they reached separate conclusions about their own destinies. Jane spent the following three years living with her aunt in Essex before moving to Switzerland to work as an au pair. Her father, a chemist and photographer, wrote her a note suggesting she would enjoy the more relaxed pedagogical approach of the St. Ives school. Exactly, he was right. Before they met, she already knew that Tony O’Malley was a well-known artist in the St. Ives community. Despite the age gap and his health concerns (he was a tuberculosis survivor with heart and other issues), their romance flourished once they finally met.