Jean Condo Obituary, Montour Boys Basketball Coach Has Passed Away

Jean Condo Obituary, Death –┬áThe Montour Basketball program would like to express its deepest sympathies to the family of Jean Condo, who was a renowned coach, educator, and friend. Coach Condo was a trailblazer in the field of women’s athletics not just at Montour, but also in the field of collegiate athletics in the surrounding community, the area, and the country as a whole.

She was the driving force behind establishing women’s basketball teams at both the University of Pittsburgh and California of Pennsylvania. In addition to having an outstanding career as a basketball player at Montour, Coach Condo also played a significant role in increasing the profile of girls’ softball in Western Pennsylvania during her time there. In 2002, she was given recognition by being inducted into the Slippery Rock Athletics Hall of Fame. Title IX was finally implemented for female athletes across the country, there was no greater ally, advocate, or leader for women’s sports than Jean Condo.

was a pioneer in both basketball and softball during this time. As other districts in Western Pennsylvania began to employ programs and coaching strategies similar to those that she developed, the overall level of competition in both sports improved considerably. We were unable to honor her in the inaugural PBC Women’s Hall of Fame or with our Legacy designation at Montour because she asked us to respect her desire for humility. Both of these well-deserved honors are going to be bestowed in 2023 in her memory. May you finally find peace, Coach. Many people whose lives you’ve touched would like to express their gratitude to you.