John Crosby Obituary, John Crosby Has Died

John Crosby Obituary, Death – John Crosby, who had spent the bulk of his life in the North Syracuse neighborhood, had reached the age of 92 at the time of his departure. Crosby had been a resident of the area for the majority of his life. When he went away, he had already attained the age of 92 years old; he had reached that age when he passed away. When he passed away, he was survived by his children Paul Crosby and Elaine Salmon, both of whom were married at the time, as well as two granddaughters, three great grandchildren, and a brother named Pat.

In addition, he left behind a group of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Margaret and Paul Crosby, both of whom share the same last name, were formerly married to one another in the past. Elaine Salmon’s husband, Fred Salmon, was a co-parent to the couple’s two children.

The Salmons raised their kids together as a married couple. On Thursday, July 6, the funeral mass will be celebrated in St. Margaret’s Church, which is situated within the parish of the individual who died away not too long ago. You can learn more by reading the obituary that was published on the website on Tuesday. You can get to the page here. It is available in this location. That was the day when people from all walks of life were finally able to get their hands on it.