Jon Weske Obituary Germantown Wisconsin, Weske Family funeral & future financial help

Jon Weske Obituary, Death – On June 22, 2023, a devastating motorcycle accident took Jon Weske’s life. His passing is a source of great sadness for everyone. He is survived by the woman he has been married to for the past 21 years, Laura, as well as their three children, Owen (19), Doug (16), and Meghan (14), all of whom meant the world to Jon and were the same for him.

A great number of people have indicated their wish to be of assistance in some way. We believed that establishing this fund could help with the unforeseen expenditures associated with the burial, as well as the future costs associated with the fact that she is now responsible for the sole upbringing of her three children and that this would be of tremendous assistance in reducing the upcoming financial burden.

If you are in any way able to lend a hand, please do so. In our younger years, Laura was my best friend, as well as my maid of honour, and we went out together frequently. Jon, with whom I had the privilege of spending some time a couple of weeks ago, was definitely one of the excellent ones.

There have been difficulties in life for this family in the past, but none of them have been as significant as the one that Laura and the children will face. Laura possesses the most kind, giving, and generous spirit. Jon was riding his motorcycle when he was involved in an accident last Thursday evening. If you are able, please provide a hand.