Kathleen Maurer Obituary, 67, Kathleen Maurer Has Passed Away

Kathleen Maurer Obituary, Death – Parting ways with a person that we adore and love is never an easy process, but there are times when it is vital to do so. Family and friends of the cherished Kathleen A. Maurer, who passed away on July 2, 2023 at the age of 67 and resided in Port Huron, Michigan, must now say their goodbyes to one another.

Kathleen A. Maurer passed away on July 2, 2023. The passing of Kathleen A. Maurer occurred on July 2nd, 2023. The 2nd of July, 2023 was the day that Kathleen A. Maurer left this world. Kathleen A. Maurer departed this life on July 2nd, 2023, which was the day that she passed away. It has been determined that Kathleen A. Maurer has been deemed to have passed away and the news has been made public.

It would mean a lot to the Maurer family if you could take a few minutes out of your day to share your condolences with them by signing the online guestbook that is located on this memorial page. To your right, after this text, you’ll find a link to the guestbook. Kathleen A. Maurer enjoyed a high level of renown and affection in the community in which she resided. It would be a huge demonstration of the support that you have for them if you did this for them, and it would be appreciated by them.