Kevin Reeve Obituary, Kevin Reeve Has Passed Away

Kevin Reeve Obituary, Death – Great man died today. Dear friend. Master, teacher, coworker, brother. He’s famous. It’s likely heard. His students, friends, and coworkers are in shock. Kevin Reeve died at 7:30 pm yesterday, July 5, surrounded by family. We’ll miss Kevin. Today’s message wasn’t planned. I planned to launch Wild Edible World today and start the 10-day countdown. Today I posted, finished, and started a lot.

Eddie mourns his brother, and I mourn my friend. Today, nothing matters. Kevin Reeve performed April 2005. Tracker School Standard was at Boulder Creek, CA. He missed my class after 10 years as school director. He was missed. Meet in New Jersey six months later. Kevin was big, barrel-chested, and barrel-laughing. Big guy. I knew Keven from Eddie. After his family moved to Utah, he visited us often while teaching in Jersey or Philly. Great talking and laughing. “Hunters” in his Urban Scout lessons were fun. His enormous knowledge and talent made Open Skills Night special.

Kevin and Eddie enjoyed mastering and teaching a talent. Kevin’s 2008–2009 visit is my favorite. Skills and their latest findings were always discussed when he visited. Eddie repeated Dead Space. Old Dead Space. Hide to hunt. Eddie developed and deconstructed the idea. Dead Space was more than he had taught. He learned that Kevin had noticed some of those deeper layers but didn’t fully appreciate them as he offered his new ideas. I sat in astonishment as these two experts brainstormed, solved problems, and discussed topics on a hot summer day in our basement, forming a new field of study in Primitive Skills & Survival.

Amazing Kevin. The greatest survivalist in the industry. He loved OnPoint Tactical’s Urban Survival and Urban Scout workshops. I’m having trouble understanding Kevin Reeve’s nice memories this morning. These keep popping up as I mourn his demise. I’ll miss him less than Eddie. The “Dream Team”—Eddie, Ruth Ann, Kristy, Billy, Jorge, T-Mac, Joe—and Susan, his beloved wife of 40 years, his 7 children, and his grandchildren—shared the loss. I mourn you.
Kevin was enormous and strong, even in decreasing health. Five months ago, Sue told us Kevin was in the ICU and not doing well.

We knew he was dying when he went home. Kevin battled renal failure, heart failure, pneumonia, calciphylaxis, blood infection, spinal compression fractures, and diabetes for five months. Last week, on their 40th anniversary, he looked like a ghost. He was unwell. Spirit hadn’t. Kevin Reeve lives on.
He was revered by hundreds of students and colleagues worldwide. Today and for many days, his name and memory will be spoken. The globe will cry and laugh as his friends and family recall their favorite memories of this bear of a man. Kevin was a Teacher, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Master, Scout, Warrior, and most importantly, Friend. He was loved by thousands.