Kimberly Martin Obituary, Red Bud IL, Kimberly Martin Died In A Accident

Kimberly Martin Obituary, Death- I just have to get this out there: people’s lives are so short. There is no way to tell when God will come to take you home. It knocked the wind out of me when I learned that my friend Kimberly A. Martin had passed away; she was young, smart, lively, humorous, had a heart of gold, would give the shirt from her back to help, and was an incredible nurse.

she was NOT my friend!!! When we lost Aaron, my friend Kim called me when she found out I wanted to have a celebration of life for him, and she said “Lisa send me every picture you want and leave it to me to make this great for you and your kids, you guys will just need to show up and celebrate Aaron” and she did not disappoint, it was truly AMAZING she went above and beyond for us! She was a registered nurse by profession, but her goal was to provide assistance to everyone who needed it.

She leaves behind a plethora of incredible individuals, and I assure you, my friend, that I will continue to look after your lovely daughter Eva Buch and those lovely, lovely grandbabies who adore you so deeply. God has a greater plan in mind, and while we can’t question it, we still find this to be a challenge to comprehend. I will continue to pray for your family friend as they go through this extremely challenging period. I hope that it will help them. Say hi to Parker for me, and until we meet again, my buddy, know that Peg and I will keep the fort running smoothly, that we will miss you, and that we will love you forever.

My mother, Kimberly A. Martin, passed away unexpectedly early on Saturday morning, for anyone who has not received the news or is uninformed of the situation. At the moment, I do not know what the future holds for this group; however, it will be decided at a later time. We ask that you accept our need for privacy as we work through this new chapter of our lives without a daughter, mother, Nonni, or friend. Thank you.