Liliana Salamovich Obituary, Farewell to Lili: A Grandmother’s Love that Knows No Bounds – Death

Liliana Salamovich Obituary, Death – We begin with heartfelt gratitude, as we express our deep appreciation for the incredible grandmother you have been and for the beautiful memories we have shared together.

Since the day we were born, you have always been there for us unconditionally, caring for us, loving us, pampering us, guiding us, and bringing so much laughter into our lives.

With each family member, you showed your love in unique ways, adapting to different circumstances and creating cherished bonds.

For us grandchildren in the United States, the arrival of “Lili” was a momentous occasion. Though we didn’t see her as often as our other cousins, the distance never felt significant.

Whenever she visited, it became a tradition for us to gather at the airport and indulge in a hearty welcome breakfast at Bob Evans. Opening her massive suitcases filled with treats like gummy candies (that aren’t available in the U.S.), Sahne Nuss, and mints (which we still enjoy today, as she always sent us plenty).

We would play with her lipstick collection and help organize her belongings. And how could we forget the delicious dishes she cooked for us, like arroz con leche, mote con huesillo, and pastel de choclo, all typical Chilean delicacies.

As young children visiting her in Chile, she made a game of seeing who could fall asleep first in her bed, promising a grand prize that we never got to see. And in the afternoons, we would eagerly anticipate the moment she would prepare the pear juice we had been longing for.

Lili had her own set of phrases for us when we were tearful children, like reminding us to be careful with a playful threat: “Cut it out, or I’ll cut you!” And when our parents went out to eat and she stayed home to look after us, she would always say, “When the cats are away, the mice will play.”

She always told each and every one of us, “Don’t cry over trivial matters, save your tears for when I’m gone.” Well, Lili, here we are, shedding tears at your departure because you loved and cherished us so deeply.

For the grandchildren in Chile, you were always present with open doors, tremendous patience, and a constant smile. A day with Lili meant waking up early at her house (as she disliked sleeping in), enjoying delicious waffles and Milo milk, getting dressed, and heading to Patronato to buy trinkets to show our Tata.

Afterward, we would have lunch at our favorite spot, always choosing her homemade spaghetti with meatballs—simple yet delicious. We would spend the afternoon watching Chilean soap operas, and she would paint the little girls’ nails, using a special nail clipper that she called the “nail cutter,” playfully scaring us with it. Despite the scare, our nails would end up looking beautiful, and we would feel overjoyed.

In the afternoon, we would go out for tea somewhere, where she would order a club sandwich to share with Tata. And to end the day, we would enjoy ice cream together. When she dropped us off at home, she would always say, “Thank you, my little girls. Let’s do it again.” In reality, it should have been us thanking her.

We can’t forget our vacations together in Villarrica (she always arrived with a bag full of goodies for us), our visits to Rosa Agustina in January to celebrate her wedding anniversary, the cozy pajamas we bought together every year, and our Carioca games.

And how could we forget all the delicious meals she cooked for us—tasty garbanzo beans for Trini and Rodrigo (because we don’t make them at our house), stuffed zucchini she sent to Nico, and the flan she made for Vale and Nicole. Not to mention all the desserts and countless different types of bread she prepared when she invited us for tea at her house.

Lili, we will miss you immensely—the shared meals, the laughter, and the long conversations on the phone. Although we will no longer see you in person, please know that you will always live in our hearts.

It is worth noting that everything mentioned above illustrates how caring and attentive you were to each one of your grandchildren, ensuring that each of us felt special and loved in a unique way. Thank you so much for being our dear Lili. We send you a tight hug and a kiss to heaven, from all your dolls and action figures.