Mark Hohenschau Obituary, Chicago IL, Learn More About Mark Hohenschau’s Passing

Mark Hohenschau Obituary, Death – Mark Hohenschau has died. Mark leaves behind the joy of his life, his daughter, Makenzie Lynn; his father, Michael Hupp; mother, Dee House; his beloved grandparents, Louise Patricia (GiGi) and Jack (Rabbit); sister, Michelle Cottrell; nieces, Kaitlyn, Sarah and Isabel; niece, Jessica Hupp; aunt and uncle, Lori and Patrick; cousin, Breezy; great-niece, Elena; cousins, Tyler and Debra Simmons; aunt and uncle, Jack and Vicki; great-niece, Teagan Mason; and many friends and extended family. ark On Sunday, Wood Hupp, who was 31 years old, went unexpectedly due to circumstances that were unforeseen.

Mark W. Hupp was born on February 4, 1985 in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He was the child of Michael W. Hupp and Media House. Mark W. Hupp was named after his grandfather. He attended Choctaw High School, Pryor Middle School, and Ocean City Elementary School in Fort Walton Beach, where he also spent his childhood. He graduated from all three of those schools. He was extremely devoted to the activities of football and ocean fishing, as well as his family. Together, they rejoiced in the thrill of riding motorbikes, the excitement of experiencing life, the joy of becoming parents, and the comfort of beginning each new day hand in hand with one another. All of these things brought them together.

Mark is a dedicated father who has spent his entire life doting on his two children with love and offering them unwavering support and guidance. He has done this for the entirety of his life. Mark was someone who took pleasure in the unexpected and was always willing to offer his advice to his children in the event that they presented him with a problem or a task. Mark possesses an infinite store of knowledge regarding how to deal with the uncertainty, and he was eager to share it. Before Mark passed away, his cherished relative C. Mason Hu pp. had already left this world.