Michael Bugliaro Obituary, Whiting, N.J, Michael Bugliaro Died In A Motorcycle Accident

Michael Bugliaro Obituary, Death- After his son, age 33, was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend, his father, who was inconsolable, said his final goodbyes to his son. Michael Bugliaro, whose late son also bore the same name, reported that his kid had suffered multiple fractures, including to his back, head, and legs. “The guard rail took my son’s life the moment he collided with it.”

When Michael Bugliaro, who is from Whiting, New Jersey, was driving north on the West Shore Expressway at 5 o’clock on Saturday evening, he is believed to have been traveling between lanes, which led to his crash. Police said that he was changing lanes at Poplar Ave. in Rossville when he impacted the driver’s side door of a 2008 Dodge pickup truck. After that, he lost control of his 2009 Suzuki motorcycle and fell off of it. The motorcyclist did not survive the crash and died there.

According to the authorities, the truck driver, who was 52 years old, remained at the scene and was not injured. There were no pending charges against him. The more senior Bugliaro characterized his son as a skilled rider who placed a significant emphasis on safety gear, such as purchasing a helmet that cost $900, and who refrained from engaging in reckless driving behavior. According to the older Bugliaro, his son Michael did not leave his side during the weeks that he spent in the hospital bedridden due to heart failure. As a result, the staff had to make up an extra bed for him to ensure that he was comfortable.

“I was in the hospital with heart failure, and he stayed with me in my room for 14 days straight — day and night,” the father recalled. “He didn’t leave my side once.” “He sustained me. He cleaned me up. He cared for me and brought me back to health.

Recently, the victim’s father wrote a post on Facebook in which he referred to his son as “the last person in my life that mattered.” According to the deceased’s father, the victim had the intention of donating his organs once he passed away; however, the injuries he incurred were too severe, and his remains would be cremated instead of being donated. The Collision Investigation Squad of the NYPD is currently conducting an investigation into the wreck.