Michael Hermes Missing Elbert Colorado, Michael Hermes has gone missing

Michael Hermes Missing –  Michael has not been located; the 48-hour milestone will pass this evening at 10:30. We remain committed to cooperating with law police and are grateful to everyone who has offered suggestions, prayers, support, and love. Thank you!

Please lend us your assistance in locating our son Michael Hermes, who will be turning 16 the following week. Attending a party in the Falcon/Peyton region on July 4th was the last time anyone saw you. He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs around 130 pounds, and has brown eyes and dark brown hair. Please call Hermes’s at the number 720-231-4667 and ask for Adam and Tiffany.

As a mother, I beg you to kindly share whatever information you may have with us if you have any. Have spread the word, and will continue to pray that he is found quickly and unharmed. I am aware that the situation should appear differently now that the police are engaged; but, I believe it is imperative that you meet with the friends and their parents in person and exert pressure on them. Someone absolutely is aware of something. Sending prayers