Natalie Valdez Obituary, Announcing The Passing Of Natalie Valdez

Natalie Valdez Obituary, Death-VALDEZ, Natalie Marie. Age 37. June 09, 2023. She was the most cherished of David Valadez and Barbara Pippin’s children, and she was born at the house where the two of them shared their lives together. Beloved Partner of Jose Vega.

Loving mother to Elio Pleitez Jr, Evangelina Pleitez, Ruth Pleitez, Rosa Valdez, Isabella Valdez, Rubin Valdez, Natalia Vega-Valdez, Martha Vega-Valdez, and Ezperanza Vega-Valdez. She is the sister-in-love of not only Elizabeth Valdez, but also David Valdez Jr. and his wife Amy, Anthony Valdez and his wife Gmela, Susana Cross and her husband Charles, and Andrew Valdeza and his wife Erika. In addition to being the sister-in-love of Elizabeth Valdez, she is also the sister-in-love of David Valdez Jr. and his wife Amy.

Additionally, she is the sister-in-love of Andrew Valdeza and Erika, who are the man’s wife. Her mother, Barbra Jean Valdez, and her nephew, Charles Cross III, had already left before Natalie did. Natalie was the last of the three to go. The departure of Natalie marked the departure of the very last member of the family. Since Natalie has died away, the lives of those individuals who had the chance to become closer acquainted with her and cultivate sentiments of fondness for her will be profoundly altered as a result of the absence of Natalie in their world.

On the Saturday, June 24, 2023, commencing at 10:00 am and running until 2:00 pm, there will be a viewing held at the funeral home that is owned and operated by Chas. Verheyden. Immediately following the conclusion of the viewing, the funeral ceremony will get under way. The location of the business is 7100 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48210. This address may be found in the company’s name. You can get in touch with them at that location.

After the funeral rituals for those who have passed away, the procession to Woodmere Cemetery, where the deceased will be laid to rest, will get underway. Woodmere Cemetery is where the deceased will be laid to rest. To commemorate Verheyden and to discuss any recollections you may have of him with others, please visit the website In that location, you will also have the chance to memorialize him by lighting a candle in his memory.