Neil Patrick Madden Obituary, Of Moyagney, Greenlough Has Passed Away

Neil Patrick Madden Obituary, Death– POP honors Neil Patrick (Paddy) Madden, who passed away on this day five years ago (2018) and was a former resident of Moyagney, Greenlough. Paddy was a true farmer, having spent his entire life tending to the land and working on the family farm. Paddy usually made time for a chat, which sometimes take a while but was worth listening to because of his extensive knowledge of the neighborhood and its residents.
Today, POP is thinking and praying for Brigid (McLaughlin), Paddy’s sister-in-law Rosemary, his nephews, nieces, and the entire Madden family.

We also remember in our prayers Paddy’s late wife Anne, as well as his siblings Dan, Francis, John, Kathleen (Kearney), Sarah, and Colette. It was reasonable to refer to Paddy as a “man of the land” because he had spent his entire life working on the farm that belonged to his family and protecting the soil in the area around him. Paddy would usually pause for a conversation, which occasionally might have gone on for a long enough period of time but was always entertaining to listen to because he knew a lot about the area and the people who lived there. The POP members are thinking of and praying for Paddy Madden’s loved ones right now, both blood and chosen.

This applies to both Paddy’s friends and family. All of Paddy’s nephews and nieces, as well as the rest of Paddy’s relatives, are included in this group, as well as Paddy’s sister Brigid (McLaughlin) and sister-in-law Rosemary. Paddy’s wife Anne, as well as his deceased siblings Dan, Francis, John, Kathleen (Kearney), Sarah, and Colette, who have all already passed away, are all remembered in prayers.

Our group prays for Paddy’s deceased parents and brothers in addition to his deceased wife Anne. Paddy’s lovely wife, Anne, died before we did. Anne was not the first member of Paddy’s family to pass away; there had been many others throughout the years. I truly hope that Paddy, also known as Neil Patrick, will be able to find the peace that you have been seeking for so long. I pray that you experience an inner peace that is greater than anything you can currently comprehend.

Peace be upon Neil Patrick (Paddy)