Noel McMahon Obituary, Beloved Louie of McMathúnas: Join us in Celebrating His Unforgettable Life

Noel McMahon Obituary, Death – With heavy hearts, we received the sorrowful news of Noel (Louie) McMahon’s passing in Nenagh. Noel, alongside his beloved wife Breda, was the esteemed proprietor of McMathúnas, affectionately referred to as ‘Louie’s’. Countless evenings were shared at their establishment, where I had the privilege to perform and create treasured memories with their remarkable patrons.

Even in retirement, Noel and Breda continued their unwavering support for Kilkenny Mel at Figgertys, just up the road. As I prepare to grace its stage tomorrow night, I will raise a glass in celebration of this exceptional man’s life and the fortune I had to know him as a friend. To those who are able, I extend an invitation to join me and pay tribute.

It has always been of utmost importance to me to offer my respects to those who have crossed paths with me in this journey of life. Regrettably, due to logistical constraints this weekend, I will be unable to attend the funeral home or the service itself. Hence, I humbly convey my condolences to Noel’s family through this post. On Monday, we will connect online, united in spirit and remembrance, as our hearts are with them during this difficult time.