Noelle Turner Obituary, Noelle Turner Has Passed Away

Noelle Turner Obituary, Death – The news of Noelle Turner’s passing has left me in a state of deep mourning. When I was a student at Bearden High School, she was my instructor for Marine Ecology, and I will never forget how enthusiastic she was about science in general and marine biology and ecology in particular.

I recall that there were a lot of students who were cruel and mean to her (I remember each and every one of you who were mean to her), and she would basically be bullied by them, and the fact that I witnessed this made me so angry. She was a cheery face to see in the corridor, and I looked forward to going to her class every day. I remember that she would ask members of the community to come and teach us about the waters of the Tennessee River or local ponds and streams. She would do this on a regular basis.

It breaks my heart to learn of her demise because she had such a deep commitment to the field of education. I have no doubt that she is at rest now, and I pray that she is granted the opportunity to shine her light in Heaven. The situation legitimately raises the question of whether or not Bearden High School and other schools in general have a responsibility to offer support to their teachers who are being bullied by their students. I saw three professors get bullied by some of the class’s meanest students, and it made me sick to my stomach to watch it happen. When I was there, I wish I could have said something to Dr. Bartlett about what I saw. The very best is owed to teachers.