Obituary; Cao Yong Has Passed Away

Cao Yong Obituary, Death– Cao Yong, our dear friend and soul brother, passed away unexpectedly on the Saturday before last. He was sixty years old. His body of work will be remembered for many lifetimes to come because he was an artist of great depth and range who was able to artistically express himself in a number of various ways. Because he was capable of expressing himself artistically in a variety of different ways, his body of work will be remembered for many lifetimes to come.

We were investigating a wide range of potential settings that would serve as an appropriate home for the artistic neighborhood that he desired to establish. I ardently wish that God would bestow all of the blessings and favors that are in store for his free-spirited and charming soul. I know that this is what he deserves. It is difficult to put into words how much anguish it would cause to remain in this world without you.

You are an essential part of my existence. This world as we know it would be altered. People from all over the world seek to you for support because you serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for them, and because you are someone they can look up to. You consistently demonstrated the virtues of faith, bravery, and strength in a manner that was not only awe-inspiring but also extremely admirable to others.

I pray that, on your journey toward eternal life, you will discover the joy and contentment that are truly yours, and that this will be my prayer for you. You are not going to be forgotten, and it is my honest wish that you are able to locate some measure of peace in your life. You can rest assured that not a single person will ever forget about you.