Obituary; John Cavalieri Has Passed Away

John Cavalieri Obituary, Death– John Cavalieri, who had lived for 89 years at the time of his passing, passed away peacefully at home, in the arms of his wife Mary. He had lived a long and full life. He has a long and fruitful life behind him. His life has been full and eventful for a very long time. He has lived a lengthy life that has been full of accomplishments up until this point.

He was 89 years old and had the opportunity to think back on his life at that point. Both Tory Cavalieri and Amy Callahan were welcomed into the world by John and Mary, making them the proud parents of both of their children. Tory Cavalieri and Amy Callahan are the names of John and Mary’s children. Both of them currently make their homes in the communities of Marblehead and Manalapan, which are located in the states of Massachusetts and New Jersey, respectively.

Both Marblehead and Manalapan can be found in the state of Massachusetts, whereas Manalapan can be found in the state of New Jersey. In addition to this, he is survived by his sister Mary Cirillo as well as four of his grandchildren, namely Emily and John Callahan, Gianni Cavalieri, and Dana Cavalieri. Mary Cirillo is also among those that he leaves behind. Mary Cirillo is one of the people who will be affected by his departure. One of the persons whose lives will be altered as a result of his departure is Mary Cirillo.

In addition to this, his cousin Mary Cirillo is the sole member of his family that is still alive. She is the sole member of his family that is still living at this time. Holy Cross Church, which can be found at 30 Ward Avenue in Rumson, New Jersey 07760, will be the location of the funeral mass for John Cavalieri, which will take place on November 18 at 11 AM. You will be able to locate the church if you use these coordinates: 30 Ward Avenue.