Paightyn Marie Jones Missing, Dallas Texas, Help Find Missing Paightyn Marie Jones

Paightyn Marie Jones Missing – After a 15-year-old girl left her house and did not return, the homeowner’s association for a community in North Dallas is reviewing all CCTV videos and has asked individual residents to do the same thing. I was told by Paightyn Jones’s mother that her daughter had departed without taking anything with her. Not even her phone.
When I questioned if she had ever gone missing before, her mother did answer that she had.

Today, it was found out that Paightyn was observed by a security camera while going into an alley in the Bent Tree West area, which is located close to the Mitchell Elementary_PISD campus.
The family claims that the police informed them that an Amber Alert could not be issued because of the child’s age and because the circumstances of the case did not satisfy the parameters for an Amber Alert.

Requirements that were only recently updated as a direct result of the Athena Strand bill being signed into law by the Governor. Rep. Lynn Stucky (R-Sanger), who introduced House Bill 3556, aims to reduce the amount of time that passes between the disappearance of a child and the issuance of a statewide Amber Alert. It was also possible for law authorities to initiate an alert within a radius of one hundred miles and the surrounding counties where it was suspected a youngster was last seen.

These notifications, in contrast to an Amber Alert, can be dispatched even if there is no evidence to suggest that the child was kidnapped. It is obvious that Paightyn’s mother is both unhappy and anxious. Cases involving children who have gone missing are almost never easy. If the youngster leaves of their own accord, the authorities typically are unable to do anything to pursue the case.
As a result, the relatives of young adults who have gone missing frequently report feeling helpless. We are currently awaiting word from the Dallas police department.