Ralph Lampkin Obituary, Long Time Fire Arts Advocate Has Passed Away

Ralph Lampkin Obituary, Death – Because of circumstances beyond my control, I am the one who must break this disheartening news to you, and I do so with a heavy heart. Ralph Lampkin, a devoted patron of Fire Arts who also held the position of board president for the organization, went away suddenly on Saturday morning after having a severe heart attack.

Lampkin was found to have died of natural causes. The assault was what ultimately led to his passing. Everyone in the neighborhood was taken aback when they learned of his passing because they had not expected it. Ralph was a man who was the receiver of a great deal of love and who was successful in keeping himself fairly active.

He was also a man who was the recipient of a great deal of respect. In each and every possible aspect, the absence of him will be keenly felt by those who were closest to him. We are grateful for your understanding in this matter, and we ask that you be patient with the Fire Arts family as they work through the sadness caused by every aspect of this loss. I want to express my gratitude for your support throughout this difficult time.