Robert Gould Obituary, Marblehead MA, Psychologist Robert Gould Has Died

Robert Gould Obituary, Death- Dr. Robert Gould of Marblehead, Massachusetts, died unexpectedly.

He was a Psychologist who specialized in working with persons who were socially excluded. He had spent the most of his 73 years on this world in New York. According to his novelist wife Lois Gould, who was by his side when he died, the cause of death was both lung and brain cancer.

Dr. Gould formerly served as the National Coalition Against Television Violence’s director of lobbying and as a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College. He has played the same role as a critic of how society interacts with underprivileged people since the 1960s.

He frequently expressed his dissatisfaction with the procedures used by social scientists and medical professionals in front of microphones and cameras, as well as in newspaper opinion pieces. He did it in a variety of settings. Dr. Gould was part of a panel led by New York Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller in 1972 to examine a rebellion at the Attica State Prison that killed 43 persons, the bulk of whom were prisoners.

Gould remained in this post throughout the inquiry. The panel’s chairman was Arthur L. Liman. Dr. Gould assisted in the creation of the report, which was subsequently disclosed by the panel and condemns the guards’ reaction and lack of training. The man’s son, Roger, said that his father had met a number of former captives from the Attica prison while conducting private business over the years.

These individuals comprised both men and women. The son reported that he saw them arrive for treatment at the family home’s office, and that they waited in the living room with other people, some of whom were transsexuals, drug users, and hippies.