Rocco Vienhage Obituary Springfield Missouri, Visitation and Funeral Information

Rocco Vienhage Obituary, Death – On Tuesday Vienhage passed away and went to be with the Lord. In St. Joseph, Missouri, on November 9, 1946, he was brought into the world by his parents, George Sr. and Marjorie “Lazelle” (Fisher) Vienhage. George was the eldest of his family’s eight kids. 1965 was the year when he received his diploma from Christian Brothers High School. After that, George enrolled at the United Electronics Institute in West Des Moines, Iowa, where he did quite well academically. While he was doing this, he saw his future wife, Nancy Gregory, riding a skateboard in front of their apartment building.

She would eventually become his wife. On June 1, 1968, they became husband and wife. George traveled to California after graduating from United Electronics Institute so that he could begin working for Rockwell International as a missile builder. George enrolled in the United States Army in 1969 and was stationed at Fort Monmouth, in the state of New Jersey. There, he excelled academically in his study of electronics and went on to become an instructor. After that, he was stationed in Germany, where he continued working in electronics until he was finally discharged with honor in 1972. While the couple was serving there, they were blessed with their first daughter.

After George and Nancy moved back to the United States, they made their home in Ames, Iowa, where they were later blessed with two sons. It was during this time that he started working for Hach Company. A few years later, when Hach established a new campus in Colorado, George moved his family to Windsor in 1978 to take advantage of the opportunity to transfer with the company. The family expanded by having two more girls while they were living in Colorado.

George remained employed at Hach throughout the entirety of his career, which lasted until his retirement in the year 1999 (a total of 27 years). George cherished his large family and found great satisfaction in sharing his passions for fishing, baseball, and camping with his offspring. He delighted in teaching his children and grandchildren the pleasures of gardening by having them help him pull weeds, water plants, and share his enthusiasm for the hobby. He was very involved with Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church during the early establishment of the parish.

During the Windsor Harvest Festival, he was in charge of monitoring the production of the regionally famous krautburgers for numerous years. During the past three years that he has spent at 55 Resort in Windsor, he has had a lot of fun being engaged in his community, meeting lots of new friends again, playing poker and cribbage, enjoying happy hour and coffee time, and providing unauthorized tours. In addition to these activities, he has also liked playing poker and cribbage. George had a very large and loving family to support him throughout his life.